Malpractice Biography.

Malpractice is more than just a Dr Feelgood tribute.

It is a tribute to the late, great, and much missed Lee Brilleaux. A heartfelt tribute that captures the raw energy of the band under his stewardship.

This clip explains all you need to know!


Malpractice is made up of four very experienced musicians, who just happen to be good mates too.

The big question most people ask is, why form a Dr Feelgood tribute when the real band are still playing and are one of the busiest bands on the circuit. Well, it was not intentional!

Band members Malc Watson and Ron Brotherhood had been performing with their RnB band, The Official Deceivers for a while. This outfit covered many of the songs played by Steve Marriott during his blues period. The sets were bolstered with RnB classics and naturally, Dr Feelgood numbers featured in there and they always went down with the audience.  (At this point it is worth noting that none of the members had ever considered being part of a Dr Feelgood tribute band, just the opposite in fact! However, things were due to happen as a result of events.)

Frontman, Malc Watson and guitarist Steve Castledine have known Dr Feelgood guitarist Steve Walwyn for many years. Malc first saw him with the band Chevy in the 1980's and then attending as many gigs of the legendary DT's as possible and that was where he met Steve Castledine.


Fast forward to 2018. Malc and bass player Ron Brotherhood, went to a Dr Feelgood gig as guests of the band, and this was followed later in the year by all members of the band going to see Dr Feelgood late in 2018. Just for fun, Malc suggested that they put together a Dr Feelgood set for a Christmas party they were playing at a venue on Dec 22nd, so they did. What followed became the deciding factor in the creation of Malpractice.

The gig was well attended and the first set played was a full Dr Feelgood performance and it went down better than anything they had done before! Over Christmas, Malc revisited some old Dr Feelgood film, namely Live in Cheltenham and Live in London, both recorded in 1990 and with Lee Brillauex fronting the band. The energy and power coming from that stage was immense, as it always was with Lee fronting the band, he was unique. Malc called Ron over and they both agreed that if they could capture that raw energy of the early 1990's Dr Feelgood and, more importantly, if Malc could create a respectful and more than passing impression of Lee Brillauex, they should look to create a band that paid homage to Dr Feelgood of that era. Rehearsal dates with photos and filming were played and checked for authenticity and feel, just so the band could be 100% certain they were doing the right thing.

In March of 2019, Steve Castledine joined the band full time as guitarist and Gary Mundin was recruited to play drums, also on a full time basis.


So here we are with Malpractice. The UK's premier Dr Feelgood tribute. Paying a respectful and heartfelt tribute to the legendary music and stage performances of Dr Feelgood & the much missed Mr Lee Brillauex.

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